Year 3 visit the Butterfly House

Over the last 2 days, Year 3 have been on visits to the Butterfly House. Linking with our topic about habitats and the tropical rainforest, we experienced some fantastic workshops and talks about animals native habitats, interacting with many different animals and creatures from around the world.

The children have a wonderful time, and so did the adults!

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the parents that came along with us.

What was your favourite part Year 3?


5 responses to “Year 3 visit the Butterfly House

    • We’ll miss brewin we have been missing you and we want you coming back to school and teach your class and everyone else is missing you so much thank you

  1. Wow we had a lovely time and we watched a parrot show my favourite was when the when things shoot water to you and the parrot show I liked all of it

    • I wish all you lot could of come it was really good and it was the best day of that week you should of came we saw lots of butterflies and we saw a Caelian an we just had a beautiful well I do not believe that I saw a peacock open its feathers and we saw farm animals like goats ,one pony and we saw lots of things I should just go there every single day because I just love it

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