P4C in Y4G

Y4G asked “why did the boy stop painting?” 

Mason – “I think he stopped because other people couldn’t hear it and he thought he was too different, he wanted to fit in.” 

Ollie – “I think he didn’t like being judged so much and it made him want to give up.” 

Eimaan – “I don’t think he should have given up, he should have shown resilience.” 

Sky – “People should do what makes them happy.”

Elmon – “I disagree, I think he should paint what other people wanted, at least then he’s still painting!” 

Kyrah – “I disagree with Elmon’s ideas because it made him unhappy to paint houses and you should try to make yourself happy.”

3 responses to “P4C in Y4G

  1. Aleena- ‘I think that he should have panted to make him happy instead of making other people happy’

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